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Power your devices from your chair

Many of you may be reading this on a mobile phone, or a tablet, it is estimated that around 70-80% of users will browse the internet using these mobile devices.

With this in mind we can now include a USB charging cable into your Rise and Recline chair. Sitting in the pocket of your chair you can quickly plug in your mobile device, or any other device that offers USB charging and repower the unit whilst you sit and relax.

 For more details contact us on 01462 678050, or add it to a chair you have built online using

New Beginnings

The new beginning was, in fairness a year ago. So the title to the entry is a little ambiguous at first read. But for our clients, there was never really a “new beginning”, it was more of a continuation. As a management team we took over ownership a year ago now, however collectively as a 3 person team we have worked for Comfort Plus Products for 33 years, covering every aspect of the business.  So although it was a “new beginning” for us and the company, it is not the new beginning I am talking about here.

The excitement is not contained to the symbolism of what we have produced here, but is overflowing for what technologically we have produced for the market place. The Chairbuilder section of this site is truly unique to us as a company and cements our dedication to building a product that is designed for an individual, to fit their needs.

Users can now see on screen exactly what their chair will do, and why. They can select the cushions and change the look of their chair, and even see it in a different fabric. At a press of a button, a reading light can be added or a massage system. Then when complete, they can “play” with the chair, move it up and down, recline it, make it stand; or even, start over again and try a different look.

By using the system, customers can learn more about the different features and actions, and why one may be more suitable than another. The chairbuilder goes to highlight our dedication to producing one of the best products both in design, build and experience on the market place.