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Massage System

The 10 point therapeutic massage system can be incorporated into all of our range of mattresses. So whether you buy just a mattress from us or a complete bed package you can have the option of the luxury massage. The massage can be placed on various parts of the body, either singularly or as a combination. Many of customers who struggle to get to sleep like to use the massage system to relax the body and help soothe any aches and pains. The massage system has a safety cut off making sure that if you fall asleep whilst receiving a massage it will automatically turn off.

Another good time to use the massage system is when you wake in the morning. By giving yourself a massage first thing the circulation is given a "kick start" getting the muscles ready for when you get out of the bed.

Unlike many of our competitors, where the massage mechanism is built into the base of the bed causing noise disturbance, our massage system is built deep within the mattress in order to reduce noise and allowing everyone to enjoy a quiet night's sleep!

Important Note

As a pre-cautionary measure the massage system should not be used by those with a medical device such as a pacemaker.