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Complete Adjustable Bed Package

Comfort Plus offers a complete bed package for one fixed price. We believe this offers exceptional value for money and ensures you receive everything you need to get the most out of your new bed. We are aware that many companies offer very low quotes over the phone, however this changes quickly as the package is built.

Our adjustable bed package is complete with headboard, Combination Memory Foam Mattress, 10 point theraputic massage system (can be removed if required) and a free memory foam pillow.

To further expand our leading Adjustable Bed package, our unique multi-combination mattress is now supplied, as standard, with a specially designed mattress covering to improve, Comfort, Hygiene and promoting healthy sleep. The new mattress cover incorporates Silver and Aloe Vera, both woven into the quilt itself.

Although an extremely competitive package, its components offer the highest quality. Our adjustable bed is hand built in the UK and incorporates a 5 fold action system. This system is far superior in terms of comfort to the 3 fold action, which is offered for sale by many of our competitors. The frames are wooden and incorporate beech slats across the base. This specification again enhances comfort and keeps noise to and absolute minimum.


Styled for you

Like many of our products, our adjustable bed can be styled for you. This can include Divan style, legged style, a wide choice of fabric finishes and even modern leather bedsteads.  All available as an adjustable bed, allowing you to get a bed for yor needs, and your tastes.


Do not take ours or any other companies word for it!

As well as additional comfort, many people buy an adjustable bed to help with many types of disabilities or mobility issues. For this reason we feel it is vital to try an adjustable bed before buying as we believe this is the only way to ensure the bed is right for you. We are happy to offer a free no obligation home demonstration where we will show you the bed and let you try it out for yourself. We do not believe in any "hard sell" tactics and therefore would prefer that a friend or relative is present at the demonstration.


All of our products are tailored to the individual to ensure you receive a product that suits you and can improve your mobility and comfort. For this reason we prefer to understand your needs first and will happily quote you our price over the phone. Either call us on 01462 678050, or fill in your details here and we will contact you.

Bed Linen

Although our beds accommodate standard bed linen, some of the additional sizes of bed we offer can make the purchase of bed linen more difficult. If you cannot find the linen you need in high street retail stores, then we would recommend you contact our bed linen partner : Victoria Linen


Description Value
Headboard Included
Multi Combination Memory Foam / Latex Mattress Included
Memory Foam Pillow Included
Free Delivery Included
Lifetime Guarantee Included
Width Options 2'3, 2'6, 3', 3'3, 4', 4'6, 4'10
Length Options 6', 6'3, 6'6, 7'
Height Options 16" - 30"
10 Point Massage System Optional
Cordless Remote Control Optional
Remote Lamp Lighting Kit Optional
Under Bed Lighting Optional