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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds

Get a Better Night Sleep With A Handmade Adjustable Bed

We offer a top of the range adjustable bed with optional extras and various design features to help you to achieve better quality rest. Our adjustable beds are ideal for those suffering with various conditions including Arthritis, Back problems, Heart Conditions, Water retention; or just for anyone looking to get a more comfortable nights sleep.

All our adjustable beds utilise a 5 fold action frame mechanism, handmade in the UK and with a matress that can be built to your specification, depending on the support needed. Our entire range can be supplied in a variety of sizes, including double adjustable beds; bed heights can also be tailor made to suit any individuals specification.

Typical conditions that are improved by the use of these adjustable beds include water retention (odema), Hiatus Hernia, Heart Conditions, Arthritis, Spondilitis, Osteporosis, back complaints etc.

Explore our information below to see how an Adjustable bed could help you gain the quality of sleep you are looking for.


Complete Adjustable Bed Package

A complete hand built electric adjustable bed package suitable for most people with health and mobility issues.

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Combination Mattress

We pride ourselves on our combination mattress which is built with a variety of materials, to give a comfortable sleeping experience.  Our mattress can be adapted to suit the needs of different individuals, particularly to match weight needs.

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Massage System

Our 10 point therapeutic massage system is available on our range of Adjustable Bed packages or when purchasing a mattress seperately.  Using the ten point system can give your whole body a relaxing massage, or just select a particular area.

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Wireless Remote

Control your adjustable bed easier with our wireless handset, allowing you to operate the bed from any position. 

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Cot Side

A carer controlled cotside, for anyone at risk from falling out of bed.

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Grab Rail

We can provide grab rails to fit to the side of the bed to make it easier getting in and out of bed.

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Read here for information on the benefits of an adjustable bed

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