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Wall Hugger

The most standard mechanism which is suitable for someone who would like to raise their legs for comfort and for sleeping.

This chair is excellent for space saving as it can be located close to a wall, with the chair pulling itself away as it reclines, reducing the amount of space required between the back of the chair and the wall. This mechanism will only be suitable for those with the most basic of recliner needs, i.e. to raise their feet and recline in a single action.


Description Value
Single Motor Wallhugger
Advantages Raises your legs to take pressure off your legs
Due to the wall hugging mechanism, the chair requires only a few inches from the wall, and will not hit it when reclining
Reclines your back down to relax
Disadvantages Works on one movement so to raise your legs fully, you will be lying down
Not able to adjust the back independently, may not be suitable for those with back complaints