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Allowing you to design your own chair, for your own needs.

Due to the versatility of our products we don't have a range of chairs for you to choose from, only one.  You style the chair to meet your own needs and tastes. Unlike other companies, we really do sell a bespoke product.

We understand the importance of a good chair, providing comfort, support and also those little extras that can make life a little bit easier; this is why we allow you to "build your own" recliner chair.  Through our comprehensive experienced guidance you can choose the mechanism, the back cushioning, the seating, and add any of our market leading additional options. We will then build the chair to the size you require to ensure your comfort.  

To begin designing your chair try our new chairbuilder software to tailor a chair for your own needs, or read the options below to see the various elements that can go into building a chair.


Wall Hugger

A wallhugging mechanism is perfect for those with limited space. The chair will move itself forward away from your wall, whilst reclining you into a nice comfortable position.

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Independent Movement

A two motor chair which allows for complete control over the position you sit, allowing you to operate the back of the chair and the footrest completely independently.

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Tilt In Space (Zero Gravity)

A Tilt in space mechanism has the unique advantage of allowing you to rise your ankles higher than your hips, perfect for anyone who has been told to elevate the legs for medical reasons.

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Rising Systems

Adding a rising system to your chair will ease the ability to stand in and out of the chair.

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Made to Measure

Unlike most other chairs we can build our chair a range of Seat Height, Width, Depth and Back options, allowing us to make a chair in over 1000 size variations.

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Seating Options

With the exception of the Single Motor Wallhugger mechanised chair, all of our chairs are built with a unique “pocket sprung” base within the seat. This provides a high level of comfort without compromising support. You can then select your own “seat wrap” to sit on top of this base, to provide a sturdy and comfortable seat.

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Back Cushions

We can offer our chairs with a choice of 5 different hand filled back configurations, ensuring you get the look and comfort your desire from the chair. All of the back cushions on our chairs are adjustable so the softness and firmness can be altered at any time to meet changing needs.

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Arm Finishes

We can offer a range of arm finishes, allowing you to style the chair with either fabric, or wooden knuckles of varying colours.

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We have a range of over 150 different covers, fabric, leather, faux leather and vapour permeable leather that can enhance the look of your chair and make it styled for your own tastes.

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Massage and Heatpad System

Designed to soothe aches and pains, the massage system and heatpad work to help you relax, giving a gentle massage over the areas of your body that have been selected.

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Reading Light

One of our most popular features, our reading light can be fitted to your chair and switched on and off from your handset. A great alternative to a lamp.

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Adjustable Back Support

Unique to Comfort Plus Products throughout the UK. At the press of a button the firmness of the back can be adjusted.

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USB Charging Point

Due to the popularity of mobile phones and tablet we can now offer a built in USB charging point into the chair.

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Heated Cushions

With our heatpad cushions  you can have the choice of up to 2 heated “scatter” type cushions.  The heated cushions can be placed on your lap or at a part of your body such as the neck. A great system to help you keep warm in the winter and also relax aching muscles, it is controlled by a simple handset in the pocket of the chair.

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