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Made to Measure

One of the first steps to ensuring your comfort and needs are met is in the size of your chair.  If the meaurements are incorrect the chair will not feel comfortable or offer the support you need.

We can currently adjust the size of your chair in the following areas:

Seat Height
Seat Width
Seat Depth
Back Height

Although you can provide us with your own sizes we recommend that we visit you so that we can measure you for a chair to ensure we build the chair as accurately as necessary. We often work with Occupational Therapists who will provide us with the information we need.


Although we can build a chair to the sizes required, in some instances, we may find that the chair does not fit correctly due to the way a person sits in the chair. Our chair is built in such a manner that we can adjust the size of the chair after it is built to personalise it even further to meet your needs.