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Seating Options

With the exception of the Single Motor Wallhugger mechanised chair, all of our chairs are built with a unique “pocket sprung” base within the seat. This provides a high level of comfort without compromising support. You can then select your own “seat wrap” to sit on top of this base, to provide a sturdy and comfortable seat.

You can select the particular firmness of the seat cushioning used, we do offer weight guidelines for each cushioning, but this is only a guide and you should take account for your own preference.

Gel Cushioning and pressure relief

For those at risk of pressure sores, we can offer a range of Gel Cushioning for our chairs to help take the heat away from the body and reduce the overall risk. We may need to make a special assessment for you, if this is the case.

Gel Cushioning will only work correctly with a vapour permeable stretch material. We have a wide range of these materials in various colours.


Description Value
Seating Options Memory Foam (7st to 11st)
Soft Grade Foam (11st to 14st)
Firm Grade Foam (14st+)
Gel for pressure control