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Combination Mattress

The Comfort Plus Combination mattress consists of four layers; Memory foam, reflex (core) foam, a second layer of Memory foam and Latex. It is designed to provide you with a unique range of sleep options depending on how you feel at any particular time.

Memory foam is on the outside of the mattress and is widely acknowledged for its pressure relieving properties and remains our most popular mattress filler today. However during the summer months some users have found memory foam too warm so we now offer a latex alternative.

Reflex foam is the central "core" layer of the four foam combination and this is where a therapeutic massage system can be housed, if required. Different densities of reflex foam can be specified to give the mattress a softer or firmer feel or to match an individual's weight.

Latex is a natural rubber that is slightly softer than the memory foam we offer. However it still offers excellent pressure relieving properties. This layer is again housed on the outside of the mattress. One key difference is that the latex layer we offer is open cell and so dissipates heat quickly providing a cooler sleep experience.

To switch from memory foam to latex all you need to do is to turn the mattress over. If this is not possible due to restricted movement we will do this for you by appointment.


Description Value
Mattress Width Any
Mattress Length Any
Mattress Height 8"
Mattress Cover Silver & Aloe Vera (Removable on request)
10 Point Massage System Optional