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Massage and Heatpad System

The massage system offers an effective way to promote circulation throughout the body and is excellent for relieving symptoms of various conditions linked with poor circulation such as cramps and water retention. The 10-point ripple massage system is designed to not only relax your body but to also offer a form of pain relief.

Many of our reclining chairs incorporate the 10-point massage system as an optional extra, to enable you to have a relaxing massage during the day. The massage system within the chair also incorporates a heatpad fitted to the lower lumbar part of the back which is perfect for soothing an aching back after a hard day or to ease the symptoms of problems like arthritis and osteoprosis.

Many people who suffer from severe or constant back pain can find it difficult to get comfortable in any chair. The 10-point massage system compliments a reclining chair by offering some pain relief. When it is placed onto the "pulse" setting the massage system operates similar to a TENS machine by helping to interupt pain signals and so reduce pain.

Important Note

As a pre-cautionary measure the massage system should not be used by those with a medical device such as a pacemaker. If you are unsure if you should use a massage system, please consult with your GP.