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Back Cushions

We have 5 different back cushion options to choose from. The cushion design will not just alter the look of the chair but will provide different levels of comfort dependant on your needs. All of our cushion options are adjustable so the softness or firmness can be altered at any time. Our back cushions include:

2 Tier Waterfall back

Our most popular style of back. The 2 cushion waterfall provides excellent comfort on the back and support for the head.  Both cushions are adjustable to increase firmness in the back.

3 Tier Waterfall back

Our best back for those with significant back complaints.

Utilising 3 cushions, each one can be individually adjusted to meet the needs of the person.  This can be particularly helpful for someone with a curvature of the spine where a big variance in support is required at different parts of the back.

Button Back

A “Button Back” is a traditional style of cushioning and is chosen more for its look than its benefits.  Adjustments to this cushion are very limited so it's not suitable for someone with a back complaint who made need to adjust the cushioning at times to meet their changing needs.

Lateral Side Supports

Available on our 3 Tier and 2 Tier back cushion styles, we can add lateral side cushions to give support to your hips as you sit in the chair.  These are designed for someone with a smaller frame who may not get support to their hips in a normal chair or more importantly people that may have experienced strokes and need additional support to prevent slumping.

Removable cushions

If you are concerned about making a choice we can make you a combination of cushions that you can change for yourself.  For example, we can supply a 2 Tier and a 3 Tier cushion configuration that you can simply arrange as you see fit. This does have the additional advantage that you can make slight adjustments to the location of the cushions to ensure it fits perfectly in the right place for you. Whilst this option comes at an additional cost it does offer maximum flexibility.